Airport & Flat Rate Cancellation Policy
Reservations for airport transportation are nonrefundable unless canceled/changed 24 hours prior to arranged reservation time. All customers will be charged an additional $35 cancellation fee, whether they are granted a refund or not.

**You can avoid paying this fee by transferring your ride to a different date at no charge.**

In the event that your flight is delayed, your transportation reservation will be put on hold for you for up to 24 hours. We will do everything possible to accommodate your new departure and/or arrival times, but customers should please be considerate of the fact that delayed flights may conflict with other previously scheduled transportation reservations, therefore resulting in the occasional, brief delay. Whenever possible, we urge you to provide us with your flight number information. We track flights we are made aware of in order to preserve our time and save you money on standby costs.

If in the event you end up not arriving at all your account will be credited for the next time you need our services!


Executive Shuttle & Hourly/As Directed Cancellation Policy
We understand that unplanned circumstances can happen and you may need to cancel a reservation. If you do, we ask that you do so within 60 days of your reservation date. Our drivers and team want to be available for all of your transportation needs, therefore if you have reserved an Executive Shuttle, we will not be able to accommodate other clients who require the same reservation as you. This is why we ask that you give us 60 days notice for a cancellation of an Executive Shuttle. If canceled within 60 days you will lose your deposit below:

Shuttles: 50% of your total
SUV’s: $150
Luxury Sedans: $120